For All Your

Agronomy Needs

No matter if you are caring for a thousand acres or a small area of your yard, Ag1 Farmers Co-op can help you achieve the best results. Ag1 Farmers Co-op provides customers with complementary soil testing to make sure their soil is ready to perform. Ask one of our team members about custom blend fertilizers, seed or any needed chemicals to get your crop or yard performing at its best!


We can custom blend any fertilizers you need and offer a full line of bagged fertilizers, lime, gypsum and micro-nutrients for your crop or lawn.


Whether you are looking for seed corn or soybean seed for 1,000 acres or just a small bag of lawn grass seed to touch up a thin spot in your lawn, Ag1 Farmers Co-op has got you covered.

Crop Protection

We offer a full line of agricultural chemicals such as herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides to keep your crop growing healthy. The team at Ag1 Farmers Co-op is always ready to offer helpful advice on the proper application and use of all our crop protection products.